Receivables Performance Management


Accounts receivable management can be a tricky situation no matter which way you spin it – no matter which side of the coin you stand on.

If you’re running a business, it’s hard enough collecting on a debt, but you also have to make sure that you land within compliance and that you use ethically-sourced debt collection practices.

If you’re the person on the receiving end of a collection notice, a plethora of feelings might be going through your head, not to mention the obvious fear of your credit being impacted by it.

Practical, Ethical Accounts Receivables Management Solutions

Debt collection is a necessary service, and a collection service ultimately aims for one result: payment.

Despite our line of work, we still believe that very few times does any one person go into a financial agreement with nebulous intent from the get go. At Receivables Performance Management, we know that these situations can progress over time, and we know that, in our lives, things happen. Nobody imagines they’ll be in an unresolved debt situation. Nobody wants to be, either. That’s why we work to collect without ever losing sight of the human element.

We believe that a debt collection service can increase a company’s revenue, but it should never come at a risk to your business’s name.

Experienced Debt Collection in a Variety of Financial Sectors

RPM handles claims varying in size for clients in a variety of industries. We specialize in everything from Bank Card and Retail Card to Auto Finance. We also work with Telecommunications companies, Media and Utilities, Healthcare, Commercial Finance, and even Small Businesses.

We confidently deliver quality and value, all while making transactions easier on both parties involved.

We’re a company that strives each day to be the best – but never sacrificing our character to do so. We’re among the most utilized and most trusted debt recovery services available today. We’ll not only push the companies towards financial freedom, but also the individuals who incurred the debt.

Resources and Insights You Can Carry With You from an Award-Winning Advisor

Our website serves the purpose of educating interested parties in what we do. We have numerous pages shedding light on who we are as well.

Blog page – we provide materials that educate our clients, the people we work with and secure payment from, as well as our readership online. Everything from money management techniques to considerations to take before opening up a credit card can be read about through this useful resource. We believe that through education we can prevent unresolved debt and murky financial situations from happening, helping all parties gain financial freedom.

Awards Page – shows our distinctions to let our clients know how esteemed and highly regarded we are at what we do. Even though we’re highly decorated, we continue to strive to do better and move forward into the future by continuing to set a high standard for ourselves and our industry.

Certifications Page – shows the special qualities of our company and is a testament to the fact that we are always educating ourselves about best practices and ways that we can enhance the process for our clients. Our expertise in the industry is a big part of what distinguishes us from other large receivables companies.

Our company, Receivables Performance Management, is more than just a debt collection agency. We task ourselves with helping our clients and the consumer – and we find ways to interact that get the best out of both parties. We specialize in getting people out of bad situations and help make them right again. Contact RPM today for your initial consultation.