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Receivables Performance Management | What to do if You Find Yourself in Debt

Receivables Performance Management | What to do if You Find Yourself in Debt

Receivables Performance Management | What to do if You Find Yourself in Debt

The average American household carries $137,063 in debt. That’s according to the Federal Reserve, so the numbers are pretty reliable.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to discuss a little bit about what you can do if you find yourself in debt.

Debt can come about from many ways, from a mortgage, a sudden occurrence, or any sort of big life development. At Receivables Performance Management, we believe that when we educate our clients and readers, we can give them the tools to navigate the murky waters of debt in its various forms, making it a far less scary thing.

Read on for more information about what to do when you find yourself in debt and also ways you can look at it that will make the situation more transparent for you.

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There is Good Debt and There is Bad Debt

Good debt has to do with debt that can potentially make you money. Student loans are a good example – as long as you don’t abuse them and that you choose a career path that will give you a good return on said investment. Real estate is also a form of “good debt.”

That being said, there are bad debts. Payday loans, credit cards used for extraneous purchases, stuff like that. Taking on debt to buy expensive gadgets at retail price right when they come out, for example, is bad debt.

Keep an Open Line of Communication with Your Creditor

One thing you don’t want is an antagonistic relationship with a creditor. Paying your monthly bill on time, letting them know when you have life changing events, and being transparent in your dealings are always good practices. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is ignore your creditor, especially if you’re getting behind on payments. In many cases, they can actually work with you to help you out.

Give Yourself the Power to Save and Earn More

All too often we run into individuals who get caught up in limiting thought processes. People often think their salary or income is finite, set at a certain amount each month. It may be true that an employer agrees to pay you a certain amount each month, but you can always win new streams of revenue by picking up a side gig. In today’s economic climate it’s pretty easy to do.

Just the same, you can make a monthly budget which will shine a light on where you’re spending your money. There is always room to make adjustments, whether that means cutting out designer coffee, eating out less and cooking at home more, or even cutting out a streaming channel or service you rarely use. It all starts to add up!

Don’t Take on Any Additional Expenses

If you find yourself in a hefty amount of debt, it’s a good practice not to take on any additional monthly expenses until you get your situation under control and feel comfortable again.

If You Find Yourself Face to Face with an Unresolved Debt, Contact RPM

Receivables Performance Management specializes in getting our clients out of tricky financial situations as a premier accounts receivable management solution. It’s what we do, so give us a call today.


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