Receivables Performance Management


As a collections agency, we look to continue to establish ourselves by getting results the right way, without resorting to nebulous measures to collect on a debt. We’re here to provide a service while at the same time better informing customers about debt and money management, as a way to curb a similar situation from happening in the future.

Pain-Free Debt Collection

We always aim to make the debt collection process as easy and smooth as possible for both parties. We understand people’s situations and believe that debt collection can be done with reverence and respect. We never aim to create any sort of antagonistic situation. We want to work with both parties to reach an amicable end and settlement of debt.

Receivables Performance Management remains a national leader in accounts receivable management, and a big reason we’ve solidified our status in the industry is because We Keep Our Promises. That’s what the RPM Advantage is all about.

Taking a New Approach to Accounts Receivables Management

We’re bored with hollowed-out Mission Statements and ornamental language like “Collections Solutions Specialists.” We believe that keeping our word, putting the customer first, and utilizing best industry practices and technology to deliver undeniable results is the best way to differentiate ourselves in this industry.

We never lose sight of the human element, either, and we team our company with the very best talent. We maintain a strong commitment to diversity of the workplace as well as our supplier base.

The numbers don’t lie. Whether it be the collection team, corporate services, administration, or finance, we incorporate diverse individuals into our team through internal hiring process at all levels. We go above and beyond. Over 50% of our team is ethnically diverse.

Receivables Performance Management Believes in Equal Opportunity Practices

We tailor our recruitment programs to meet Supplier Diversity initiatives by working with minorities, women, small businesses, veterans, disadvantaged veteran businesses, HubZone certified businesses, and, not to mention small disadvantaged businesses (M/WBE/V/SDB).

Watch Out for Nebulous Debt Collection Services

Beware and watch out for your own reputation while handling outstanding debts. The industry is wrought with sleazy, morally bankrupt services that resort to borderline harassment tactics to get debts paid. Not us. We’ve solidified our reputation based off of building strong relationships and by maintaining compliance at all levels.

Receivables Performance Management provide a refreshing, thoughtful, and intelligent alternative to our clients, clients who are looking for an ethical and practical way to collect upon a debt.

Intellectual capital, Analytical Insights

Through our expertise and the connections we’ve made over the years, we develop educated proposals and recommendations that possess real value. We avoid all the “sales hype” and earn the fierce loyalty of Credit and Collection Managers, A/R Managers and Finance Managers alike – all across the country.

For strategic management information and to enlist a full-service partner and consultant, contact Receivables Performance Management today. We’ll give you the immediate attention you need and we’ll start our process the minute you give us a call or send us an email.