Receivables Performance Management

Awards & Certifications


Receivables Performance Management is an award-winning team of distinguished professionals, providing comprehensive, knowledge-based resources that have bred us success in the credit and collection industry for years.

We continue to set the standard when it comes to providing valuable, efficient, ethical debt collection services. We’ve gained our distinctions by getting results and practicing responsibility.

RPM is one of the only accounts receivable management services to gain our level of distinctions. We ensure our clients receive advantages and protections, providing professional services which attain maximum dollar recovery. Yet our collection procedures maintain your customers’ good will – we keep your reputation in mind at all times.

A Higher Level Recovery of Past-Due Receivables

We like the awards but we love the process. Success, to us, is when both parties come to an agreement and full debt is settled. We’ve been BBB Accredited for nearly half a decade. Through ongoing oversight we strive for upholding the most rigorous code of ethics in the industry! Our executive team and management attend annual meetings and we complete continuing education courses, because our industry is constantly changing.

Debt Recovery with a Code of Ethics

Receivables Performance Management distinguishes ourselves in upholding rigorous educational requirements for our team, but we also believe in providing educational materials and insights to the people we collect from. We maintain the highest professional standards, a strict code of ethics, and a commitment to serving the public interest at large.

RPM gives you real value as an accounts receivable management leader. You can trust in us to maintain compliance every step of the way. We’re deeply knowledgeable in the Bank Card, Retail Card, Auto Finance, Telecommunications, Media, Utilities, Healthcare, Commercial Finance, and Small Business sectors.

It’s the lasting partnerships that Receivables Performance Management is all about. Contact us today for immediate attention.


It turns out that all parties with a vested interest in a single debt collection count on agencies and accounts receivable management services to maintain certified compliance, which entails training to all of their employees.

This also entails additional training for executives. Debt collection agencies that want to keep a respectable reputation need to maintain full legal compliance within the legal limits, while at the same time following the highest level of ethics. Receivables Performance Management does a great job at this!

Ongoing Certified Accounts Receivable Management Training

Receivables Performance Management holds countless certifications and we are always further educating ourselves about overall best practices within the industry and ways to enhance the process for our clients, as well as the people we come into contact with.

Innovative Past-Due Receivables Techniques that Get Results for Our Clients

Through our constant education we’re able to always be current in our practices. Our expertise in the industry is a big part of what distinguishes us from other large receivables companies. We maintain compliance every step of the way, so you never have to worry about your reputation.

We establish ethical standards and seek to make the process transparent, while keeping in mind the rights and responsibilities of all participants within the credit and collection cycle. These sorts of situations require the knowledge of credit and collection professionals like RPM. A part of our mission includes education, training, and advanced certifications – which makes us more effective as a result.

We maintain our commitment to full legal compliance each day we’re in operation. We have several staff members with CCCO certification. We’re a debt collection agency with certified collectors and a peerless reputation for achieving full legal compliance, while collecting the maximum return. Best of all, we make the process dignified for both parties.

What sets us apart is our constant efforts to make ourselves better, to make an even more positive impact on our industry. Contact Receivables Performance Management if you require immediate attention and we’ll start our process today.